Monday, September 12, 2011

this is where I try to explain why I am a slacker...

I am a slacker. I haven't updated anything here in a very long time. A lot has happened too. Like I got older. My birthday was very calm and wonderful. I broke a tooth and had to have it fixed. Dentists are expensive. I've lost my voice for the past four days. Went camping back in August. Did an agility trial with Valkyrie in Vermont. It rained- what a surprise, it always rains on my outdoor trials. We had fun but it could have been better. Kieran is still being fostered with me. It's definitely not ideal but what choice do we have?  I'll be moving in a couple weeks and I've been packing.  I didn't realize how much stuff I had accumulated! I am moving into a smaller home with no basement.. I better start sorting through what is necessary to keep and what I can handle getting rid of! The stress of moving is starting to wear on both me and Valkyrie. But we'll pull through. Somehow. Neither of us likes change and that makes this hard. It's a good change though.
I will try to keep up to date around here.. No promises.

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