Monday, May 9, 2011

Click it!

Ok, I have known the benefits of clicker training for a long time, but oh my goodness! I am seriously loving clicker training! Kieran and I have been working on clicker training for the past week and it's beautiful. Valkyrie has learned some new tricks with the clicker too. I got a whole bunch of clicker training books from I originally got the books so that I could teach both dogs some novelty tricks. However, since reading a couple of them, I have decided to teach Kieran to loose leash walk using a clicker and no head halter. He is doing a fantastic job! WE are doing a fantastic job. Sometimes I find it difficult to manage everything- the clicker, treats and leash. But most times it's really not so hard. We haven't taken a real walk yet since I am not physically up to it yet. But while I am still recovering is a great time for Kieran and I to work on the learning process. I realized that with the head halter I jumped right into full walks once Kieran adjusted to having it on. I stopped really training him on good behavior while wearing it because I was all about getting in some exercise. This time I hope to get it right with the clicker.


  1. Can't wait to hear about Special K's progress!

    I've been clicker training with Roxy for a while but I've just started with a specific goal in mind -- teaching her to retrieve! So far I've got her mouthing an old sock that is stuff with smelly fish treats (lol).

    And I'm trying to teach Buster to "walk like a person" with the clicker, because he already tries anyway and he really seems to like the clicker!

  2. I would LOVE to teach retrieve! I really want to play fetch with Kieran but he doesn't always return with the ball... Is there a specific way to teach the retrieve?