Monday, May 16, 2011

Return to work

So this week I officially return to work. I can't believe how quickly the time passed while I was out on my medical leave. I certainly haven't been 100% healthy the entire time but it's been nice to be home with the dogs and my family. I think in some ways I am looking forward to returning to work. I like having a routine. The dogs like having a routine. Things have been crazy for all of us since the beginning of the year. Constant moving from my house to my sisters house and then back here again. It's been hard on everyone. I don't miss the work itself but sometimes I miss the people and the environment. Mostly I miss my routine. I know it sounds crazy but I really enjoy working nights so that I have all day to spend with the dogs. Once it warms up a bit more I can't wait to start my morning walking routine again. It's surprisingly relaxing to walk at 6am when everyone else is just waking up to start their day. I think my body will adjust back to being awake all night fairly quickly. I've been working nights for the last 6 years and it is definitely what I am used to and enjoy.
I have to admit that I am a bit nervous returning to work. I've worked there a long time with mostly the same people. But it's scary. I've been out of work this year for a total of 13 weeks. That's a lot of time. I am returning from a 6 week medical leave and I wonder how much has changed. I work somewhere that things change all the time. Rules and policies change. It's not normally anything drastic but sometimes the subtle changes are the hardest to deal with.
Another thing that is going to be difficult to deal with is not having any time off other than my two days for a weekend. I have been out of work so much this year that I won't be able to afford to take long weekends like I have in the past. I also haven't accumulated the hours to take the personal time I so enjoy. Going back to work with no vacations/time off in sight is a little scary to me. Back to the grind I guess. It won't be that bad. Hopefully.

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