Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Hate IBD

I hate IBD. I am tired of diarrhea with unknown causes. I am just tired.Poor Kieran must be tired of the diarrhea too. It sucks. For all of us.
That is all the whining I am going to do. For now.

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  1. So sorry Jen :( and I totally hear ya.

    I thought we'd figured out Buster's issues, but lately I'm not so sure. This weekend was a diarrhea explosion and I just feel so bad for him. I'm beginning to wonder if his issues are a mild case of IBD because I can't seem to limit the issues to specific foods and honestly, I don't think he's ever had one solid stool when not medicated.

    It's the most frustrating thing ever.

    I hope Special K feels better soon. Poor baby :(